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IT Support Services

We provide flexible On-Demand and Managed IT services focus on growing your business.

We provide hardware and software installation, support and maintenance from a single personal computer or server to a warehouse with dozens of workstations.

IT Support Services for Everyone

Our team of experts and partners collaborate to bring end-to-end flexible, reliable and efficient solutions for your IT infrastructure and business collaboration tools to boots your team productivity.

On-Demand & Managed IT

Outsourcing IT tasks to managed services with us can free your team to focus on do work that’s specific to your business

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Enhance Network Availability with solid network architecture to connect resources and optimize application performance

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Business Application Services

Boost your team productivity with powerful tools that help you work, learn, organize, connect, and create from anywhere

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Who We Are

A combination of technical skills and expertise

We have been trusted on-demand and managed IT support service to a wide range of customers and industries in Brooklyn, and we continue to expand our services to the five boroughs and more

Providing affordable, highly responsive IT support services for small and medium businesses to optimize workforce operations, infrastructure and security.

Don’t wait until your IT infrastructure becomes an issue, get a free consultation

Technology is ever-evolving and so IT infrastructure challenges. As your business grows, connectivity will become more and more demanding. Assess your current and future connectivity needs.

Our Services

Offload your IT related tasks to our team of experts for business continuity and minimal downtime.

We have been trusted by homeowners and business customers in different industries as IT technical service provider from CCTV installation to virtual environments for scalability and agility in daily operations.

IT Consulting

We deliver fully integrated, flexible, reliable and efficient IT services to ensure business continuity and minimal downtime.

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Network Installation

Our experts combine skills and experience to design, implement wired and wireless connectivity following best practices.

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Structured Cabling

Copper and Optical Fiber wiring that meets standards and your business requirements with efficiency and scalability.

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Unified Communications

Our Unified Communications solutions brings your organization to today’s mobility world with voice, data and video.

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Software Installation

We provide from single task applications to server installation and advanced router to VPN configuration as need it.

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Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 brings a complete solution for your team to work from anywhere at any time, together in one place.

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IP Cameras Installed


Network Connected Devices


Servers Installed



Case Studies

Our latest projects

See how we can optimize your organization’s IT infrastructure and collaborative performance to step ahead in business needs and requirements.


400+ IP cameras

Failover Backup Internet

Avg Internet Speed: 600 Mbps

Warehouse WiFi

80+ Access Points

Structured Cabling

Building connectivity

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Latest Articles & News

Explore our latest articles and news on how technology, IT consulting and managed IT services can benefit your business.

  • Key benefits of CCTV Systems

    Key benefits of CCTV Systems

    What is CCTV? CCTV stands for Closed Circuit Television. Its different from traditional television as CCTV is a closed monitoring and recording system where real-time video and audio are stream and store directly to a local or remote location for security and crime deterring purposes. While CCTV systems does not stops crime, it deter intention […]

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  • Cyber-crime is growing exponentially as hackers capabilities growth

    Cyber-crime is growing exponentially as hackers capabilities growth

    Phishing and ransomware costs an average of $4.5 million to businesses in data breaches every year and today more than ever, every organization is a reachable target for cyber-crime increasing loss in brand, reputation, and revenue. Deloitte Center for Controllership poll reflected that 48.8% of companies executives forecast an increase in cyber events in the […]

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  • On-Demand and Managed IT Services: A Strategic Opportunity

    On-Demand and Managed IT Services: A Strategic Opportunity

    On-Demand or Managed IT services allow large and small organizations to fill skills gaps, reduce costs and better management of uptime IT Networks has become more complex as mobility is today’s working world in business o matter if is a traditional infrastructure or mixed infrastructure. Having a Managed Service Provider (MSP) for your IT infrastructure […]

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