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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Find the right IT support service for your business with the most common Frequently Asked Questions about IT services, cost and benefits.

    What is managed IT support?

    Managed IT Support, provided by a “Managed Services Provider” (MSP) like Brooklyn Tech Support, is a modern businesses model where MSP act as a IT department providing a complete suite of services and technical support to keep your company IT systems secure from cyberthreats and operational. Services provided by MSP includes cyberthreat monitoring and prevention, after-hours security patching and updates, hardware maintenance, data backup, user management, license management, on-site and remote helpdesk assistance, and timeframe reports about task-services provided and planned services depending on service plan agreement.

    How much do managed IT support cost?

    Cost for managed IT support may be different according to scope of service agreement o service plan options required. Brooklyn Tech Support offers a wide range of service plans depending on business size and/or requirements. Its like having a full-time IT department with less cost than hiring an employee.

    What are the benefits of managed IT support?

    Managed IT support are suitable for all sizes businesses by lowering overall technology costs and providing proper systems management. Having technical services as outsourcing also provide proactive and fast response, keep your business running and increased productivity by focus you and your employees on business tasks. With Brooklyn Tech Support, services can be provided remotely or on-site during or off business hours lowering downtime.

    What is On-Demand IT support?

    On-Demand IT support, also called break/fix support, is perfect for small businesses with less than ten devices including computers, servers and low count of sensitive or critical software applications where quick response is required to solve technical problems when you need it or simple to install a new computer or workstation, replace existing equipment, software updates and upgrades, and remote or on-site technical support. There is no contract required, you pay only whenever a service is required. Brooklyn Tech Support provides on-demand support as part of our core services.

    How much do On-Demand IT support cost?

    On-demand IT support and services cost are often fixed per hour for each different type of service giving the advantage of knowing the exact budget required. These costs may not includes new equipment or extra materials depending on the type of support or service required.

    What are the benefits of On-Demand IT support?

    Any business not reliant on technology for core business or limited budget for IT like browse websites, send and receive emails, printing benefits with On-demand IT support and services by focus on fixing any technical issue meaning less costs. Also, On-Demand IT support does not required any contract or long-term expenses. You pay only whenever a service is required. At Brooklyn Tech Support, On-Demand IT support includes free limited consultation, better equipment offers with our suppliers network and partners, recommendations on existing and new technologies, and all aspects of your technology infrastructure.

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